Terms and Conditions


Visitor's permits are required for our engineers to enable us to work at your property. Any parking expenses if these are not provided will be added to the invoice


By instructing us on the works you agree that there is an adequate gas and electricity supply to the property before the works commence

Fault finding/repairs

Boilers work in series, this means that although we test and identify all problems on site and only replace parts we know are faulty. Until we are able to repair the initial problem we cannot always fully test the rest of the boiler and therefore cannot guarantee there will not be any additional faults to those we initially identified.

Health and Safety

Whilst we take every care to look after peoples homes and always offer to remove our shoes, there may be times where health and safety require us to wear footwear internally, likewise there may be other situations arise in which the health and safety of our staff may be in jeopardy unless we take a particular action. This will be judged by our staff however we may discuss this with you if we require any permissions.

Concerns or Complaints

We have an excellent reputation which we are proud of, if you should have any concerns with our work, engineers or anything at all, then please call 0203 000 7557 or email [email protected] and we shall deal with your concerns immediately.

Any concerns you have whilst we are still on site please raise this with the engineer initially and if your still not 100% happy its resolved then call us whilst the engineer is still on site to resolve the issue. We take enormous pride in our quality of work and customer service and want you to be totally satisfied.

Checking Estimates

Please ensure that all works that you require are shown clearly on the estimate , as the job will be scheduled in accordance with the estimate wording.

Making good/Access

Throughout our works we will always take care to avoid unnecessary damage to your home. Please note that with some installations it may be necessary to lift floorings and floorboards, or to drill into walls and ceilings and we will always take due care however due to the age of most of the properties we work in/and other reasons out of our control some making good may be required and we accept no liability for such works that arise unless they are by negligence of our engineer.

If we are negligent in our work and this causes unnecessary damage to your home we will make this good free of charge. By signing this agreement you have noted that the nature of the work may cause unavoidable damage and some redecoration may be required once the work is complete. This is not included in the quotation, unless otherwise specified.

Hazardous Materials

The quoted price does not include the removal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos. If we become aware of hazardous waste products then work will cease until a specialist contractor can be appointed to remove this. A clean air certificate must be provided before our team can recommence working on site.

Completion of works/Handover

It is essential that you or a responsible person are available on completion of the job to

sign off the installation and to receive a hand over from the engineers.

To sign our work completion form after any visit

Final payment

Once you have signed off the installation or completed our work completion form , our office will raise an invoice for same day payment.

Our Charges

Our initial charge is hourly, we charge a minimum of one hour. When we arrive we will do the best we can to resolve your issue within the hour. Sometimes we can resolve the issue and no return visits or extra work s are required. Sometimes after investigation works we may find out that you require parts that have to be ordered and we can then provide a quote for such repairs, when this happens our initial hour fee is still payable for visiting and carrying out investigation works.

If we are asked to provide a quote for works where no investigation or diagnosis is required then there is no charge for this service. E.g if you know what works/parts are needed and ask us for a price, or if you require a new installation etc.

In some instances we may agree an ongoing hourly charge, if this is the case then we charge the initial hour and then in 30 minute intervals.